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(NYT) Simon & Schuster Creates Imprint for Muslim-Themed Children’s Books

By ALEXANDRA ALTER     FEB. 24, 2016 As a young Pakistani-American Muslim girl growing up in Connecticut, Zareen Jaffery used to devour novels by Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume, hoping those stories would offer some clues for how to fit in. “I remember looking at books to try to figure out, ‘What does it mean […]


(Yahoo! News) Comoros VP wins first round of presidential vote

Moroni (Comoros) (AFP) – The vice president of the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Comoros, Mohamed Ali Soilihi, won the first round of the country’s presidential elections with 17.61 percent of the vote, preliminary results released late Tuesday showed. Soilihi edged ahead of Mouigni Baraka, the governor of Grande Comore island, who garnered 15.09 percent, […]

(Go Woman Africa) Sierra Leone: Women refused entry to government buildings for showing their bare arms

I went to the Immigration Head Office in Freetown, Sierra Leone on a Monday to submit a passport application for my son. On this day I entered the building sans problem, I went passed the security, greeted them and asked for Mr. Kakay’s office. They directed me to a desk inside the building. I went […]

(BuzzFeed) Meet The Women Behind Nigeria’s Most Subversive Novellas

By Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor, News and Monica Mark, BuzzFeed News World Correspondent Posted on Feb. 17, 2016, at 3:43 p.m. Photographer Glenna Gordon spent months capturing female Muslim writers whose books are among the dozens of cheap, pamphlet-style novels popular across markets in northern Nigeria. Known as “littattafan soyayya” – meaning “literature of love” in northern Nigeria’s […]

(Yahoo! News) Crowded field competes for Comoros president

By Béatrice Debut, Aboubacar M’Changama February 21, 2016 1:32 PM Moroni (Comoros) (AFP) – Voters in the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Comoros cast their ballots in an election for a new president Sunday from a crowded field of 25 candidates, with a struggling economy and poor infrastructure high on the agenda. Officials started counting […]

(LA Times) Why a congresswoman from Los Angeles is talking about Africa

By Sarah D. Wire Contact Reporter It’s 8 a.m., Congress isn’t in session and Washington’s roads are icy, but more than 100 ambassadors, academics, African emigres and heads of humanitarian groups have crammed into a basement room of the U.S. Capitol for an unofficial meeting about how Boko Haram and other terrorism groups are stunting African progress. […]

(The Guardian) Secret aid worker: ‘I was the obscure African girl in a room full of white faces’

27 January 2016                           By Face2Face Africa Staff     It was sitting in a conflict resolution lecture – an intern in my early twenties and eager for life – when I knew that was it, I wanted to be an aid worker. I wanted to be the one who makes the difference. I started my career as […]

(Rising Africa) Uganda Manufactures First Solar-Powered Bus in Africa

By Admin – Feb 1, 2016 Kiira Motors Corporation is set to launch the first solar-powered bus ‘Kayoola’ in Africa in the corporation’s vision to spearhead the automotive industry in Uganda. ‘Kayoola’ can be loosely translated as ‘mass carrier’. The Kayoola bus is uniquely designed to be powered by solar energy to make it environmental friendly. […]

(AFK Insider) Gates Foundation Pays For Contraceptive Delivery By Drone To African Women

By Dana Sanchez Published: January 29, 2016, 3:26 pm  Drones are delivering contraceptives to hard-to-reach Ghanaian villages in a program jointly funded by the U.N. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and it’s so successful that other countries want it too, HuffingtonPost reported. Deliveries to rural Ghana that once took two days now take 30 minutes by drone, […]

(NYT) Obama, in Mosque Visit, Denounces Anti-Muslim Bias

By GARDINER HARRIS        FEB. 3, 2016 WASHINGTON — President Obama reached out to Muslims in the United States on Wednesday in an impassioned speech, embracing them as part of “one American family,” implicitly criticizing the Republican presidential candidates and warning citizens not to be “bystanders to bigotry.’’ In a visit to the Islamic Society of […]