Africa’s Top 10 Richest in Tech

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Africa is home to some of the richest individuals in the world. One of the richest, according to Forbes, in Africa is currently Aliko Dangote who hails from Nigeria.

Dangote initially made his money in cement, sugar, and flour; however, Africa’s richest man is now looking to the oil industry to grow his fortune.

While Dangote may be the richest man in Africa, IT News Africa will now introduce you to Africa’s Top 10 Richest in Tech, according to the latest list revealed by Forbes.

Mohamed MansourMohamed Mansour
Source of Wealth: Diversified/Telecoms
Current Net-worth: USD 4 Billion
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Mohamed Mansour and his brothers Yasseen and Youssef, all billionaires, sat out the Arab spring in London but, with a friendlier Egyptian government now in power, they return frequently to Cairo where they still own extensive real estate.

Over the past three years, their private equity arm has invested more than $500 million outside of Egypt in various businesses including telecoms, education, and real estate. Read more


Finalists revealed for 2015 Appsafrica Innovation Awards

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The Appsafrica Innovation Awards 2015, according to the organiser, has attracted over 200 entries from 21 countries, across 3 continents in Africa.

With over 200 entries in hand, Appsafrica has now revealed the finalists selected for the Cape Town awards final, which will be held on the 16th of November 2015.

With over 200 entries in hand, Appsafrica has now revealed the finalists. (Image Source:

By Staff Writer: IT News Africa

Appsafrica revealed that the awards have been supported by Mobile Monday SouthAfrica, Uber and AppsWorld and celebrate the enormous growth in mobile, technology and entrepreneurship in Africa.

The finalists for the Innovation Awards 2015 are as follows;

1. Best disruptive innovation
– MicroEnsure (UK)
– Esoko (Ghana)
– Talking Bookz (Nigeria)
– Picup (South Africa)
– Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass (Nigeria)

2. Best mobile innovation
– Mobu – (Kenya)
– Chura – (Kenya)
– bookly – (South Africa)
– Ninayo – (Tanzania)
– M-vendr – (UK)
– ShoOwer – Cameroon

3. Best non data mobile innovation 
– TTC Mobile – (Uganda and Tanzania)
– Unotify (Rwanda)
– Totohealth (Kenya)
– GeoPoll (US and Kenya)
– SaferMom (Nigeria)

4. Best African app
– Cross Dakar City (Senegal)
– bookly – (South Africa)
– Truppr (Nigeria)
– mPaper (Tanzania)
– Tuluntulu (South Africa)

5. Best fintech innovation
– Mergims (Rwanda)
– LipaPlus (Kenya)
– SimbaPay (UK)
– VCpay (South Africa)
–  Mastercard/Standard Bank MasterPass app (South Africa)
– Verifone Mobile Money (Kenya)

6. Best health innovation
– MOBicure (Nigeria)
– GiftedMom (Cameroon)
– Telemedicine Africa (South Africa)
– Emocha Mobile Health (USA)
– The Medical Concierge Group (Uganda)

7. Best educational innovation
mPaper (Tanzania)
Flippy Campus (Ghana/Nigeria)
bookly – (South Africa)
SYNA (Nigeria)
Xander Apps (South Africa)
Bambisa (South Africa)

8. Social impact award
– codeX (South Africa)
– bookly – (South Africa)
– 1task1job (Cameroon)
– UjuziKilimo (Kenya)
– Afrikstart (UK)

9. Best entertainment innovation
– Bozza Mobile (South Africa)
– GAMSOLE – Nigeria, MyMusic (Nigeria)
– Guumzo (Tanzania)
– Media24 HYD 3D (South Africa)

10. Women in tech award  
– Emefa Kpegba (MobileFunding – Togo)
– Anike Lawal (Mamalette -Nigeria)
– Linet Kwamboka (DataScience – Kenya)
– Zimba Women (Uganda) and Kelechi Anyadiegwu (Zuvaa -USA/Nigeria)

The Innovation Awards will take place in Cape Town on Monday 16th of November 2015 with an audience of industry players celebrating the best of African innovation. The awards have pan-African support from leaders in mobile, tech and innovation including Mobile Monday South Africa, iHub Kenya, CcHub Nigeria, Think Rwanda, MEST, Women In Tech Africa and the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa.

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The biggest tech trend in Africa, and the one that is making the biggest impact on the everyday lives of people is the rise of smartphones and feature phones.

Africa has seen the fastest uptake of mobile devices in the world and mobile subscribers are set to hit half a billion in the next five years, according to the GSMA.

This statistic supports the fact that mobile technology is and will continue to be the most powerful communications platform in Africa. Driven by cheaper mobile devices and continued innovation in the mobile space, mobile technology has the power to and will transform the delivery of healthcare service into Africa. Read more

announced an ambitious effort to connect the world’s

Nearly two years ago, Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, announced an ambitious effort to connect the world’s poorest people to the Internet.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s vision — carried out with partners through an entity called — encompasses a range of strategies, including lasers, drones and satellites beaming Internet signals down from the sky.

But the most concrete manifestation of has been a mobile phone app — more precisely, a suite of applike services built inside one big app — that Facebook has been trying to persuade phone carriers around the globe to offer free to users. Although the exact mix varies by country, the highlight of the app is a stripped-down version of Facebook’s social network and its Messenger instant-messaging service, with other useful services also included, such as Wikipedia, news, weather reports, government and social services, and local apps created by entrepreneurs in each region. Read more

Read more

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Siemens, the largest engineering company in Europe, is set to construct gas and wind power plants in Egypt after the German engineering firm was awarded contracts valued at $9 billion for these projects, it emerged on Wednesday.

Described as the biggest single order in its history, the contract is poised to bolster Egypt’s power production, increasing the North African country’s power production capacity by 16.4 gigawatts. Read more

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According to, the population within South Africa sits at just over 53 million individuals. To add to the figures, Nigeria currently has over 183 million individuals populating its city’s.

Africa has always been viewed as a continent that isn’t very connected in terms of internet speeds and the number of users – compared to other parts of the world. However, the latest statistics say otherwise. Read more

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Drones are a controversial topic when it comes to national security. However cargo drones, with their potential applications for last mile delivery in remote areas and humanitarian emergency situations, are tipped to be an exciting area of innovation for Africa.

But who is behind the push for cargo drones in Africa, why has it got the business world so excited, and how is progress on this embryonic technology panning out?

Cargo drones are small pilotless airplanes designed to transport 20-30kg packages across distances of 80km or perhaps further. The technology could have a revolutionary impact for delivering products to remote, poorly connected communities in much of Africa. Read more

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MTN Business today unveiled the first truly Pan African Internet of Things (IoT) platform, providing African enterprises with greater control and advanced management features for their connected devices and sim cards.

The launch also sees the introduction of a global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) sim card, which gives customers the same rate for M2M activity across MTN’s footprint in Africa. Read more

Skype Translator, a real-time voice/video translation service

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Microsoft is broadening its Skype Translator preview to include all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users.

Skype Translator, a real-time voice/video translation service, has been available to select testers only since late 2014.

On May 12, Microsoft opened the testing program by removing the sign-up and waiting processes. To test Skype Translator, users need to download the test build of the Skype Translator application from the Windows Store.

Read more

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The new machine that could one day replace anesthesiologists sat quietly next to a hospital gurney occupied by Nancy Youssef-Ringle. She was nervous. In a few minutes, a machine — not a doctor — would sedate the 59-year-old for a colon cancer screening called a colonoscopy.

But she had done her research. She had even asked a family friend, an anesthesiologist, what he thought of the device. He was blunt: “That’s going to replace me.” Read more