Go Africa News LLC, in partnership with Go Africa Global LLC & Go Africa Network (a 501(c)(3) U.S. based non-profit) endeavors to advance the News and related consciousness of Africa through local and international News and related initiatives via the following methods and vehicles.

  • Direct intervention for news, health, education, technology, and training initiatives that are linked to well-being in order to facilitate growth, development and progressive self-sustainment of the targeted populace.
  • Direct development, sales and marketing of News and related solutions/services for Africa and the Americas period.
  • Promotion of News and related events, forums, meetings, and fairs via public-private partnerships and governmental collaboration to encourage News and information sharing for countries in Africa and indigent populations in the US.
  • Assimilation, processing and analysis of information that facilitates communication and information sharing for African communities in the context of progressive News and related services.
  • Promote and develop technologies and programs related to health and nutrition training and education that are linked to employment.  This will facilitate growth and development which should progress to self-sustainment of the targeted populace via public-private partnerships and governmental collaboration.
  • Development of information portals and blogs that facilitates progressive communication and dialogue in the sphere of News and related developments in Africa.
  • Development of regional content that promotes progressive News development in Africa.
  • Fostering and development of governmental relationships, technologies and partnerships that lead toward long-term progressive News content and related technologies and services in Africa.

We welcome any input and suggestions that may aid in the accomplishment of the aforementioned objectives.


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