A major breakthrough has given these Australian engineers everything they need to build a new generation of super-fast computers that would jeopardize the way we store personal information

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Humankind is hot on the trail to designing and building the next-generation of super computers, called quantum computers.

Capable of easily cracking encryptions that would be impossible with the average classical computer, a quantum computer will not only revolutionize computing speed but also render most common-day encryption methods obsolete.

Now, a team of scientists at the The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia and Keio University in Japan have just made a significant breakthrough in the field using a special material: Silicon.

By modifying a standard silicon transistor — the backbone of all modern-day electronic devices — the scientists have performed the world’s first calculation with what are called quantum bits, instead of classical bits, with a silicon-based material.

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Tata & MasterCard to empower 100 million Women

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At the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting closing plenary, Tata Communications and MasterCard announced a CGI Commitment to Action to financially empower 25,000 women in the developing world, part of a larger vision to ultimately reach 100 million women.

The two companies joined forces with a network of partners including Brightstar Corp, Kiva, Tone, Trickle Up and the Hidary Foundation to bring their shared vision to life over the next five years through access to transformative mobile platforms comprising a range of financial, health and education applications and services.

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The programme will kick-off with pilot projects in India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Guatemala .

Tata Communications, MasterCard and its network of partners will realise their vision by taking a non-linear implementation approach as is often taken in the technology sector. The programme will kick-off with pilot projects in India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Guatemala and will be aimed at 25,000 women, serving as microcosms. The replication of these microcosms will enable scale with a vision to reach 100 million women by 2020.

InnvoateHer competition on 11/17/2015

InnvoateHer competition on 11/17/2015


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