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Nigeria: Active Telecoms Users Now at 142 Million

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According to a report by, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on Tuesday said that active lines in the nation’s telecommunications industry increased to 142,589,775 in February.

The commission made this known in the Monthly Subscribers Data, published on its website.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the lines increased by 1,766,938 on the 140,275,599 numbers recorded in the month of January.

According to the data, of the 142,589,775 active numbers, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks service 140,275,599 subscribers, as against the 138,530,830 customers recorded in January, hence, having an increase of 1,744,769.

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The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators, who had 2,108,960 active users in January, added 21,946, thereby recording 2,130,906 subscribers in February.

Also, the subscribers’ data showed that the Fixed Wired/Wireless networks’ consumers increased to 183,270 in February, after adding 223 to the 183,047 subscribers recorded in January.

The data also showed that the connected lines in the telecom operators’ networks decreased from 192,107,641 in January to 190,575,684 in February, thereby decreasing by 1,531,957.

From the total connected lines, the GSM operators were able to connect 186,410,917 in February; hence decreasing their connected numbers by 1,536,480 from the 187,947,397 numbers recorded in January.

The CDMA networks had an extra of 2,260 to the 3,794,491 connected lines in January, leaving them with 3,796,751 connected phone numbers in February.

The Fixed Wired/Wireless operators, with 365,753 connected numbers in January, added 2,263; thereby increasing to 368,016 connected lines in February.

Also, the data revealed that the Tele-density of the country’s telecommunications industry increased to 101.85 per cent in February, from the 100.59 per cent in January.

NAN reports that there is an increase of 1.26 per cent in the Tele-density attained in February.

The Tele-density measures the percentage of a country’s population with access to telecommunications services, as determined by the subscriber base.

Nigeria’s Tele-density is currently calculated by the NCC on a population of 140 million people.

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