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Meet Hello Alfred, A Single Portal For Your Home Service Needs

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Alfred has had a busy year. In the six months since winning our Disrupt Battlefield SF in September, the company has raised $12 million+, set up shop in NYC, and tripled the number of employees on the team. And at Disrupt NY last week, Alfred announced that it would be introducing a new service called Hello Alfred across the country.


Alfred is a service layer that sits on top of your usual on-demand services (groceries, laundry, packages, etc.) and coordinates those services together through a weekly visit from your very own, trusted Alfred. This person has a set of your keys and over time learns how long it takes for you to go through a carton of milk or where your dry cleaning goes in your closet. Instead of ending up with grocery bags and boxes, you come home to a closet full of clean clothes, a stocked fridge, and sorted mail.

That version of the service is currently only available in New York and Boston, but Hello Alfred is a lighter-weight version of the service that is now available nationwide.

“We’re excited to be launching Hello Alfred to rapidly expand outside of our two main cities, but also to see how people use the on-demand layer of the service as opposed to straight automation,” said Alfred CEO and co-founder Marcela Sapone. “This is one of many steps toward controlling the full stack, which will ensure that we can offer a high-quality end-to-end experience for both our customers and our on-demand partners.”

The company thinks of it as a remote for your home. Text Hello Alfred to get groceries at the last minute, or have laundry picked up before a big trip. For folks outside of Boston and New York, it will function as a single way to handle maintenance of the home, and for current Alfred customers, it’ll offer the added benefit of immediacy alongside automation.

 The idea behind Hello Alfred is that Alfred, as a brand focused on trust in the home, can be the portal for all of your on-demand needs. So rather than placing on-demand orders on a handful of different apps, you can text Hello to 917-382-8028 to get access to Alfred’s web app, wherein you can place special requests in a single place for Alfred to take care of in the back-end.

“Experimenting with the product allows us to drive faster to our goal,” said Sapone. “Every home should be equipped with Alfred, a frictionless and trusted way to maintain a happy home.”

Some of Hello Alfred’s launch partners include Instacart, Parcel, Shyp, and MyClean, but vendors vary based on geography.

If you want to check out Hello Alfred, just text Hello to 917-382-8028 (English only please).