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LG helps India fight malaria with mosquito repelling TVs (

Mosquito-spread diseases such as malaria and dengue continue to affect hundreds of thousands of Indians each year.


Some people want 3D viewing experience in their next TV. Some want a 4K display. LG is hoping that many in India want their next TV to repel mosquitoes.

The company on Tuesday announced its Mosquito Away line of TVs for the country. The South Korean company says that its new TV comes equipped with an ultrasonic device which uses sound wave to keep mosquitoes at bay.

The cheapest model, sporting a 32-inch display, is priced at 26,900 rupees ($400, AU$550, £275), with the top-of-the-line 43-inch variant costing 47,500 rupees ($710, AU$950, £490).

The company says that it studied the Indian market and concluded there wasn’t any device of this kind that addressed the growing medical and hygienic issue of mosquitoes in the country.

Last year, India’s capital New Delhi alone had over 10,500 cases of dengue, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Meanwhile, only 11 percent of India’s population lives in Malaria free zones, according to the 2014 World Malaria Report, with over 850,000 cases being recorded in 2013.

The company assures that the Mosquito Away TV models don’t emit any harmful radiation, nor do they use chemicals. What’s more, there is no need to refill chemicals or worry about any other maintenance.