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We are happy to announce the support of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Support for the Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival on 7/16/2016

We are proud again to have received New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Support for the Street festival on 7/16/2016.  10897904_899840180047196_1632272917985910354_n

Visit www.GoAfricaHarlem.org or more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register athttp://goafricaharlem.org/events/general-attendee-sign-up-for-go-africa-harlem-2016-street-festival-on-july-16th-2016/  or email Info@GoAfricaHarlem.org or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.


Dear Friends:

It is a pleasure to send greetings to everyone gathered for the second annual Go Africa Harlem Street Festival, celebrating the history, legacy, and significance of African culture throughout the vibrant Harlem community.

This event provides many reasons to take pride in everything that Harlem represents -its people, businesses, institutions, and cultural resources. As a one block area of I 16th Street comes alive with the sights, sounds, and tastes of a classic street festival, all residents look forward to

the opportunity to experience the best of your community in a display of goods and services by local merchants, inspired by the African culture that is a foundation of Harlem life.

Further highlighted by the presentation of traditional African dance, music, and art, this street festival will help make local life an even richer blend of cultural and social activities, along with economic opportunities. The welcoming presence of many dignitaries, sponsors, and supporters invites the whole community to come together in spirit and shared pride. I applaud

Go Africa Network Inc. for once again bringing this event into the heart of Harlem, adding positively to the dynamics of summer life for its people.

NYS Andrew M. Cuomo 7-14-2016

Warmest regards and best wishes for a successful and grand street festival.