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Services Profile: We are proud to welcome Fundation to the African Union Expo 2016 on 11/15/2016

We welcome Fundation . Fundation will be providing small business lenders and financing solutions for  small businesses and individuals attending the event.

Visit for more information for Merchants and general Attendees or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8002

Fundation is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders and financing solutions provider.12109192_890178131071513_4233957711976304829_n

Fundation, a digitally-enabled lender and credit solutions provider to banks, develops integrated small business lending solutions. With Fundation, banks are empowered to deliver credit online, drive cost efficiency into their lending process and maximize customer retention. Fundation also has the operational and compliance capabilities to be a committed and reliable partner.

Fundation is dedicated to enhancing the borrowing process for business owners across the United States. We believe each business is unique so we use technology to streamline the information collection process, which permits us to give each of our customers the special attention they deserve. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with businesses we lend to. We offer borrowers affordable terms and long-term repayment periods, which permit our borrowers to make productive investments in their future. 13724886_1057873887635269_2197928658605540555_o
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