Special announcement: Mr. Gilory Simpson: is now the CFO of Go Africa Network Inc.

Pleas congratulate Mr. Simpson on his new role at Go Africa Network Inc.

Gilroy Simpson

Mr. Gilroy Simpson – Bio

Mr. Simpson is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Go Africa Network Inc.  Mr. Simpson was formally Senior Operations Officer at Go Africa Network for the past 2 years.

and Case Manager at Weston United Community Renewal, INC – New York, NY. Mr. Simpson’s Background comprises over 18 years of extensive Health, Human Resource Management and Patient Care management, and Consultative duties within the New York City Metro area with specific focus on underserved and at-risk populous.

Mr. Simpson, received his Master of Science (MS), Human Resource Management from DeVry University, New York, and NY in 2012 and received his Bachelor of Science (BS), Computing and Management Studies from the University of Technology – Kingston, Jamaica in 2001.