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Services Merchant Profile: We Welcome “Bead for Life” to the Go Africa Harlem 2017 Street Festival on 7/15/2017

The Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/15/2017 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves.  please register at  http://goafricaharlem.org/events/general-attendee-sign-up-for-go-africa-harlem-2017-street-festival-on-july-15th-2017/

Click here to sign-up  or email Info@GoAfricaHarlem.org or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001

Or register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/go-africa-harlem-street-festival-2017-tickets-32033139984

About Bead for Life

Our Mission:

Creating sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle
of exchange that enriches everyone.

We Believe:
  • Everyone has the power and potential to transform their life.
  • Regardless of where you were born or what challenges you have faced, you can find your strength and rise.
  • Women living in poverty can find their spark, and release their power on the world.

We are mentors and coaches, partnering with smart but impoverished women to help them get the skills and confidence they need to be savvy entrepreneurs. Business training. Check. Self-generated earning opportunities. Check. Holistic support. Check.

Does it work? Absolutely. Learn about our impact.

We have found that for women to successfully move out of poverty, what they need is confidence and business skills. Our model allows them to leave poverty behind…for good.

Why Women and Entrepreneurship?

  • It allows women to solve their own problems.
  • It creates dignity, ownership and self-sufficiency.
  • It can be scaled globally.
  • It creates lasting opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty.

Increasing women’s income:

  • Reduces poverty
  • Spurs investment in children
  • Creates greater self-esteem
  • Increases bargaining power
  • Reduces domestic violence

BeadforLife has a dozen years of experience helping women living in poverty become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Our Street Business School is a 6-month, mobile classroom in which women receive entrepreneurial training and mentoring to help them create a successful business. It focuses on helping women build their confidence and belief in themselves, while giving them the skills and knowledge to start businesses that will sustain their families. This is a cost-effective and scalable opportunity for women living in poverty to become successful business owners.

BeadforLife jewelry and other products are also produced by empowered business women! To create our beautiful products, BeadforLife works with women who have graduated from our business training program, and who are outstanding artisans. We also occasionally partner with organized groups of women who know how to make beads, but have struggled to sell them. For these groups, BeadforLife provides both a market for their products, and an offer to their members to attend Street Business School.  

The purchase of our products not only provides increased income for the artisan to meet their immediate needs, it also allows us to offer our business training to other women. And, of course, our products make beautiful gifts with meaning – for you or a friend.

We’re taking this proven poverty eradication program to the world! We will partner with organizations around the globe to share the Street Business School, so that we can ignite the lives of one million women! Learn more


With more than a decade of success, BeadforLife is scaling our work globally with a goal of helping one million women transform their lives by 2027. Our path to scale is not about replicating ourselves. Instead, we are sharing our proven and effective entrepreneurial training program with the people who can deliver it best: organizations already embedded in communities around the world. By teaching these organizations how to adapt and deliver the Street Business School to the women they serve, we will together ignite the potential of women worldwide.

Know an organization that might benefit? Through our Train-the-Trainer program, an organization can access all the resources they need to add this effective program to their current services. Not only will we train two of their staff members to lead their own Street Business School, but they will also become part of a worldwide network of partners working together to ignite the potential of one million women.

We will be training our next cohort of SBS Catalyst Partners in March 2017 and applications are now open for our next TWO Immersion Workshop trainings in Kampala from August 20-26 and September 3-9, 2017. Learn more about bringing SBS to your community

Street Business School is also seeking mission-aligned funding partners who would like to support our work financially. We are looking for partners who work collaboratively and bring resources, advice, experience, access to their communities, and an interest in learning alongside us. For more information, email our CEO: devin@beadforlife.org.

Partner with us to ignite change for one million women worldwide. #Ignite1Million


Name: Karen Pease Marino

email: karenpeasemarino@gmail.com

cell phone: 203.788.3771

organization I represent: Bead for Life
Address: 6797 Winchester Circle, Suite 200
Boulder CO 80301  USA

web: beadforlife.org

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